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Enabling B2B Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing alignment – SMarketing – is not enough!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 22-Aug-2017 13:31:45

I get it.

Sales & Marketing need to align.


But enough already.

Every organisational division needs to align.

If Finance doesn’t align with Manufacturing – we won’t have the cash to build stuff. But if they align in the “wrong way” (ie share poor raw materials forecast, share poor cashflow forecasts) – we’ll go broke!

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Topics: B2B Sales, Strategy, Marketing

3 Tips to Help You Become a Marketing Leader

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 20-Apr-2017 06:58:36

A recent survey revealed that less than 25% of B2B marketers view their company’s marketing as “excellent” – with the majority (41%) rating it as “fair”. Considering the time, effort and cost involved in marketing your business, a fair rating is a pretty disappointing return.

So, if you’re one of the many B2B business owners and managers who feel there is room for improvement in your marketing output, where do you start? And what should you do? Here are three top tips that will help you focus your marketing efforts and generate results that will see you become a market leader.

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Topics: Strategy, Marketing

How to Get Your B2B Sales and Marketing Teams on The Same Page

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Apr-2017 10:19:14

It’s no secret that the internet and social media have changed the way people buy.

Today’s buyers can educate themselves online about their problems, and find potential solutions, without the help of a sales pitch. So, if you want to meet your customers along the new buyer journey, you need a new approach to selling.

But what should you do? An important first step is to align your sales and marketing teams.

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Topics: B2B Sales, Strategy, Marketing

5 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand Value via Social Media

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 04-Nov-2016 11:01:11

What exactly is "personal brand"?

I could give you the (very) long consultant version of the definition of "brand", but the best - and most succinct I've ever heard - is that brand is "promise".

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Topics: Strategy, Social Media

Should Your Employer Fear Your Killer LinkedIn Profile?

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 28-Oct-2016 11:44:03

Can a top salesperson create a personal brand so strong that it's actually a threat to their employer?

Our tips on the best way to write a killer LinkedIn profile are well documented, and in terms of number of downloads is our most successful piece of content ever!

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Topics: Social Selling, Social Media Strategy, Strategy, Social Media, LinkedIn

10 Reasons You Suck at B2B Selling - and How to Improve

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Oct-2016 11:30:54

The world of B2B sales is cut-throat.

Because of the large amounts of capital involved, and the fact it's often "someone else's money" (i.e. the company's, not our own) means that the B2B arena is full of highly competitive sales people who are good at what they do and who are out to win deals at any cost. 

So, for every highly successful B2B salesperson, there are several who simply can't keep up and who fall by the wayside. Or who simply "survive" rather than thrive. 


To help you avoid being one of them, here are 10 reasons your B2B sales technique might be failing...

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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales, Strategy

How to Align Sales & Marketing with the New Buyer’s Journey

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 29-Sep-2016 14:49:51

When sales teams fall short of target – invariably it’s Marketing’s fault because the leads were no good!

Similarly - when Marketing is queried on why revenue targets have not been achieved, it's Sales' fault for not effectively following up the leads that were provided.

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Topics: Social Selling, B2B Sales, Sales, Strategy

How to Outrank God on Google

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 21-Sep-2016 11:45:24

I've had 4 episodes this past week that have made me reflect on the power of content marketing - assuming it is done well.

I want to share them with you and add some commentary - in case they help your thought processes to move forward.  Hopefully the examples will give you some insights and tools to improve the outcomes of your content marketing program.

What this reinforced for me - you can't just "write content", and then hope.  You need a strategy, you need the best tools, and you need the best tactics.

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Topics: B2B Buyer Engagement, B2B Sales, B2B Buyers, Sales, Strategy, Marketing

Stop Training Sales People in Using LinkedIn!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 08-Aug-2016 11:52:10

Instead, teach them how to sell!

LinkedIn's Sales Navigator is a great application - but it won't teach you how to sell!   If you couldn't sell before someone taught you how to use LinkedIn, you won't be able to after you've been taught.

There's a morass of consultants lining up to teach you "how to sell via LinkedIn".  People are talking about the new world of "social selling" compared to "traditional selling" - when in reality it's all just selling, albeit now in a social world.

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Topics: Digital Marketing, Sales, Strategy, Social Media, Training

5 Reasons Why Social Selling Sells the Way Buyers Want to Buy

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 27-Jul-2016 14:27:19

Social selling is a new approach to the sales process that is going to stick around for a while - it’s not just a passing fad.


Because social selling is not just a new approach to selling - it’s actually an adaptation to a new phenomenon that’s redefining how B2B customers actually purchase - it’s called social buying.

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Topics: Social Selling, Social Media Strategy, B2B Sales, Sales, Strategy, LinkedIn, content marketing

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