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Remote sales training to survive in the corona era

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 30-Mar-2020 16:51:34

If you're sending your sales team to work from home - they may as well do some live online sales training!

I've seen research that says that 88% of Australian businesses will be asking their personnel to work from home.  No doubt that will go up!


For those of you with a salesforce - never has the art of salesmanship been so vital!

By this I'm not suggesting the arm break close, the puppy dog close, the no standing room only close - I'm talking about showing customers how to solve problems they may or may not know they have, and indeed teaching them better ways of doing things.

Order takers will not survive!

Pitching in to help

The Carpe Diem team wants to help out as much as possible - so we're doing 2 things we've never done before:

  • Offering our sales training courses live online, in bite size chunks
  • For a short term only reducing our prices, and offering payment schemes.

Essential sales skills in the time of corona

(Sticklers will note I'm not dignifying the virus with a capital "c"!)

I think there are 3 sets of sales skills - for 2 different audiences - that are essential:

1 - Solution Based Selling™

Here's our definition of selling:

Copyright© 2020 Bruce Ian Rasmussen.

Our Solution Based Selling™ program shows sales people how to uncover customer pain points - and then build a vision for them of what their world will look like once the problem is gone.

Often inexperienced salespeople "show up and throw up" (graphic deleted!) - and just talk about their company and their products.  The art to Solution Based Selling™ is firstly to get the customer to admit they have a problem, and then to walk them through a series of steps to build a vision of a better future, outline who has authority, and gain some sort of commitment to next steps.

We call this process CIO-VAA:

Copyright© 2020 Bruce Ian Rasmussen.

2 - Disruptive Selling™

When we're practising Disruptive Selling™, we're not uncovering customer problems - we're TELLING them that they have them, even if this rocks the boat.  We use our own research from within our client base to point this out.

One of our customers that offers cloud based software to run field service teams found out that - once their customers move off Excel/Outlook and onto their platform, that on average they can reduce their admin team by 2 people.  Now that's disruptive!

Research has indicated that the "Relationship Builder" is the POOREST performing sales profile - the "Challenger" is the most successful:

3 - Sales for Techies™

Sometimes - in fact often - our technical and consulting resources are best placed to identify problems customers are having/will have, well before the customer does.  (Dare I say they're more trusted that salespeople!)

Our Sales for Techies™ program gives techies the skills they need here (including active listening and questioning), and debunks a lot of "sales is evil" mythologies.  They learn what questions sales teams need answered to successfully convert opportunity (eg who is the Decision Maker) - but we don't try and convert them to salespeople.

The program is guaranteed to generate 2 opportunities per attendee.  10 techies on the course - 20 new opportunities.

So what's the deal?

We recognise we're unlikely to get full classrooms - so we're switching to live, remote learning mode.  Fully interactive - student workbooks sent in advance.  Multiple 1hr sessions - given attendees are working from home we can even nudge the boundaries to out of business hours.

As we always do - we'll still customise the programs specific to individual organisations - and we'll suggest follow up actions for managers.

Lipstick on the pig

Some stresses obviously in working from home - but not having to turn up and sit in a room for a day we think is a distinct benefit of this program.

What next?

It's not 1 size fits all - so click HERE to register your interest - and we'll contact you to hold an obligation free session to identify the areas you believe you need a sales skills uplift, and we'll shape a program and budget for you.


Register your interest »

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