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Our 5 Most Popular Blog Posts Of 2017

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 21-Dec-2017 15:05:26

Our Most Read Blog Posts from 2017.jpg2017 has been a big year in sales and marketing. We've seen massive interest in our live events around Disruptive Selling™, buyer engagement, and aligning the sales and marketing processes. 

We thought you might like to check out our list of the 5 most popular posts from the last year, in order of popularity:

disruptive selling megaphone 2.jpg1. Disruptive Selling™ - what it is, why it works, how to learn more

Would you be shocked to know that, if you're anything like most organisations, then around 10% of registered users that can access your business computer network no longer work for your company!!!

Would hearing that insight make your prospects sit up and take notice!? Click here for the full article... 

image001.jpg2. How to Construct the Best Sales Methodology

If you're asking yourself which sales methodology or process you should be using in your business - chances are you're asking the wrong question!

Take your pick - Strategic Selling, Target Account Selling, Solution Selling, SPIN Selling, Customer Centric Selling, Value Based Selling, Trust Based Selling, Challenger™ Selling, "make it up as we go along" selling - the list goes on and on. Click here for the full article... 

The 7 Deadly Sins of B2B Sales-1.jpg3. The 7 Deadly Sins of B2B Sales

The usual suspects are all here in this list of 7 deadly sins: engaging the customer too late; selling the steak and not the sizzle, and thinking that "relationship building" is the holy grail of sales, just to name a few. Here's a full list of what we're seeing that's wrong in B2B sales - what we're calling the "7 Deadly Sins of B2B Sales" - and how to fix them. Click here for the full article...outranking_god.png4. How to Outrank God on Google

I've had 4 episodes this past week that have made me reflect on the power of content marketing - assuming it is done well. I want to share them with you and add some commentary - in case they help your thought processes to move forward.  Hopefully the examples will give you some insights and tools to improve the outcomes of your content marketing programWhat this reinforced for me - you can't just "write content", and then hope.  You need a strategy, you need the best tools, and you need the best tacticsClick here for the full article... 

content_strategy-1.jpg5. How Do I Budget My Content Marketing?

Marketing strategy has been shifting over the last decade, and it has to – because both businesses and consumers are buying differently. Traditional marketing campaigns are no longer as effective. TV ads get skipped, magazine advertising is being largely ignored, and consumers online have such a short attention span that they barely even glance at the ads for longer than half a second. Direct mail still works, but once it’s sent, it’s over – it goes in the bin, along with your marketing spend. Click here for the full article...


And for some more holiday reading... 

cover-300px.jpgGet a sneak preview of the first three chapters of our new book ‘Buyer Alignment: Aligning Marketing and Sales to the new B2B buyer’s journey’, coming out in early 2018!

Click here to get it...



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