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5 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand via Social Media - Part 2

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 17-Nov-2016 15:30:38

In Part 1 of this series on improving your personal brand via social media, we looked at how to know when it's appropriate to share content, and what the right content is.

In Part 2 we're looking at how best to maximise your time to send out the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time.

There's nothing worse for your personal brand than to send irrelevant stuff to people - or even relevant stuff, but at the wrong stage of the buyer journey. 

Research conducted by LinkedIn says that the most successful "social sellers" (I hate those words - to me it's all just selling, albeit in a social world) spend 25% more time researching their prospects and customers prior to reaching out to them.

Being modern salespeople, we all know that researching prospects and customers to find out needs and interests is paramount. But what happens if we can't find good content to share - particularly if we're time poor?

Our advice: Content finders + Content deliverers!

Step 1: Find that content

2 useful ways to find great and relevant content are through ContentGems and Scoop.It.

With ContentGems, simply put in desired keywords and receive daily summary digests that feature those particular keywords. Perfect for salespeople whose customers are already searching for one particular keyword/item, yet can be used for a plethora of topics.


A 2nd great source is Scoop.It. Another content finder, Scoop.It will find professionally curated content based on topics you follow, and deliver it right to you! A fantastic tool for salespeople, it enables you to learn the top stories of your industry while being able to send out insightful and relevant content to your already-researched prospect.



Now that we've dealt with the Content Finders, how do we actually go about getting the content out - in the best and most efficient way possible? 

Step 2: - Deliver that Content

For direct contact with (say) a new business prospect, LinkedIn's InMail will get you into their Inbox. Don't sell anything - but if you've researched the prospect, and have relevant and timely content - bringing this content to their attention could add a lot of value to them:


The above is NOT a spam InMail - it's an InMail trying to add value.  As part of your brand - your promise to the market - you're showing that you want to reach out in a timely manner, and add relevant value.

Of course, you can add value to various market segments by broadcasting to multiple parties - either selectively, or to "whoever is listening"! You can assist the masses with understanding the theme associated with what you're posting by using "hashtags".

A LinkedIn update can be shared with all of your followers - or alternatively, you can nominate a subset of your connections, should you believe the update is of most relevance to them.

share update.png

Upon sharing the update on your LinkedIn profile, click the dropdown selection (shown above) to choose which audience you'd like to target with your message. 

Having found lots of valuable content to share, it can be time consuming to have to continually load up and send out LinkedIn updates, Facebook updates, tweets, etc.

Fortunately, help is at hand with scheduling tools such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Buffer offers you a clean and neat space with which to intuitively schedule and send out your content to your audience. With plugins for your web browser, you're able to queue up and send out posts, at will, from other websites. 



Hootsuite offers you pretty much the same thing with a slightly clunkier (yet more in-depth) interface than Buffer. While Buffer enables you to get your posts out quickly to your audience, Hootsuite requires more time on your behalf when posting, but can be more targeted, the more time you invest.



With all of these content finders and content deliverers in today's world, it's easy to get your targeted messages out to the people who want to listen. Your personal brand will thrive with posts that are relevant, timely and the avenues that you post through will all come together to ultimately deliver a flourishing and lucrative personal brand. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 in our 5 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand via Social Media.

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