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How to quickly generate warm B2B leads with content!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 22-Mar-2018 19:16:58

How to quickly generate warm B2B leads with content.jpgFor all the talk about so called SMarketing – sales and marketing alignment – there’s a dearth of easily implementable programs where the two teams can successfully work together, generating warm leads in the short term.

“Content marketing”, HubSpot, the “inbound methodology” and all the other latest approaches are great – but they usually come with a disclaimer: “WARNING – it will take 6-12 months before you see the results of your inbound efforts!”

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s an example of a real world content effort that sales teams followed up – literally leading to instant success.

Step 1 – Write a brief but compelling piece of content

create compelling content.jpgDid you know that when organisations undertake an audit or assessment of their IT network – on average they find that 10% of users connected to the network, no longer work for the company!

We were startled as well...

This sounds like compelling content for a brief “white paper”, around the amazing (and scary!) outcomes that can come from a LAN Assessment.

Brief compelling content.pngStraight away – without doing anything more – we now have an asset to share with prospects where we can add value.

This is what's missing in the majority of cold calling campaigns – we’re looking for the “magic script” that can get us in the door. TRICK COLD CALLING SCRIPTS ARE JUST PUTTING LIPSTICK ON THE PIG!

No value, is no value, is no value.

Buyers’ time is precious – if we’re going to interrupt them with our call, let’s at least try and add some value. Relevant and compelling content is one efficient AND effective way of doing this.

Step 2– Let your contacts know about content via email (linked to a landing page)

advise your contacts.jpgreplacement LAN audit edm image nonWillow.png

Step 3 – Capture interest via a landing page

have a landing page ready.jpgA landing page is simply a web page where you ask visitors for their details prior to them accessing content.

landing page.pngExample Landing Page

By completing the landing page form, not only can prospects download our whitepaper – they’ve effectively given permission for us to keep sending them more valuable content over time.follow up content interactions.jpg

Step 4 – Follow up the content interactions as briefed by your marketing automation system

Modern marketing automation systems such as HubSpot will report back when a contact downloads a white paper – or indeed even when they simply click on the link provided in the email, visit your website etc.

submission form.pngThe follow up telephone call is always the same: What’s happening in your organisation that caused you to download our white paper on LAN Assessments?

So – what have we seen and learnt?

  1. If we’re going to interrupt a prospect’s day – either by email, InMail, cold call etc – we need to offer something of value. Our content piece – which is NOT a brochure, product description, or other sales-focused document – achieves this by teaching the prospect something new that is likely relevant to their business.
  2. We’re using the content/landing page combination as a way of “sieving” prospects, to find out who’s ready to talk about a certain topic. The old days of calling on a prospect every 3 months to “see how things are going” are gone – now we call on them when we know they’re interested in a certain type of discussion. 

Next steps

  • Is there a content piece you would like to create that would teach a client or prospect something new?
  • Do you have a solution(s) you would you like to support with a disruptive content piece?

Get a free 1-1 consultation to flesh out your ideas and you will also receive a free copy of our Disruptive Selling Report Part 1 and Part 2

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