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How NOT To Sell Via LinkedIn

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 21-Jun-2016 10:09:48



Seriously - is this the best we can do?

Is it really likely that I'm sitting here thinking Gee - I really need some web design and SEO work done - but I just don't know where to look to find someone who does it. Thank goodness this email has come along!

What's wrong with this picture?

  1. Don't put RE: into the subject line to try and trick me into thinking you're answering a message that I've sent to you.
  2. Recognise that Hi Bruce Rasmussen is culturally probably not the best way to start the communication.
  3. Don't tell me about YOUR products or YOUR company - my favourite topics are MY products and MY company.
  4. If you're going to interrupt my day at least try and add some value, and show me you understand my drivers or give me some insight that will help MY business.

Full marks though for at least trying something - compared to many B2B sales people still sitting waiting for the phone to ring (or the InMail to arrive). (And - yes - I've sent this sort of email as well in my career as I've tried to figure out the optimal approach.)

It's so easy to add value to a prospect so they'll appreciate the attempt you're making when you reach out to them - but as a group B2B sales people are just so unprepared! B2B buyers have been polled - and their feedback is that less than 40% of sales people that call on them have the necessary understanding of the buyer's world to make that sales call valuable for the buyer. We've quoted the research and written an article about this if you're interested.

The irony around all of this is that - given LinkedIn is the medium being used to make contact - most of the relevant information on me and my business is at your fingertips!

(As I'm writing I'm humming along to an old Bon Jovi song - ...you give sales, a bad name...)

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