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Powerful Plans To Get More Leads That Convert!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 14-Nov-2018 22:02:25

Get More Leads That Convert

Failing to plan is planning to fail.....

We've all heard that before. It's undoubted.

But - will any old plan do? Absolutely not!

We've built plans that increase revenues by over 20% within 6 months.....

Money TreeThe non-stop battle for competitive advantage infers you need to have 8 types of strategies in place within any comprehensive plan - irrespective of how technologies, Everything-as-a-Service, etc, evolve into the future. These are:

  1. Industry strategy (which industries? what is my industry specific offer?)
  2. Resource strategy (how do I get the best Marketers, Managers, Sales, Techies?)
  3. Competence strategy (how do I skill up my Marketing and Sales teams so they engage potential buyers BEFORE they know what they want to buy?)
  4. Knowledge strategy (what's happening in the marketplace, in vendor land? - if I don't know, I can't act on it)
  5. Market orientiation strategy (how will I position myself in the marketplace, what's my value proposition, what are my points of difference?)
  6. Relationship marketing strategy (once I gain customers, what's my proactive strategy to keep them? - continual education?  loyalty points?  drunken dinners?(!))
  7. Market segmentation strategy (how do I carve up my target markets into small pieces to appeal to their unique needs? - Amazon is now doing this on an individual by individual basis!)
  8. Brand equity strategy (combining all of the above - what are my plans to maximise the value of my brand, when it comes time for me to bow out and sell the business?)

You may well read through the above and say "well that's the bleeding obvious" - but how do you know you're following best practice in each area?

Get more leads that convert

At the end of the day - that's why the above strategies exist!

We've built a methodology to show where your company lies on the continuum of UNAWARE to CONSISTENT re planning and execution tasks:


We've also built a small bank of questions, where we can give you feedback on where we think you sit on the continuum. Maybe we can help you fine-tune your existing plan - maybe we can help you build a whole new one. The thing is - we're exposed to a number of these plans every day. At best, you might see 1 plan (your own) every quarter.

If you get this right, decisions around:

  • Marketing team structure
  • Sales hiring
  • Marketing activities
  • Sales training
  • How best to attract and retain customers

...etc... will just flow - as will the sales.

Take the assessment - get the free advice - what do you have to lose? 

How to move forward...

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