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Disruptive Selling™ - learn how to prosper at Telstra Vantage™!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 11-Sep-2018 11:22:33

A new way of successfully selling....

An internal Telstra telephone sales team signed up $350k of Telstra revenuedisruptive selling megaphone over 3 weeks - from a standing start - using our Disruptive Selling™ methodology!

I'm very pleased to be sharing the stage at Telstra Vantage™ with Peter "Willow" Williamson from Aria Technologies to talk about our Disruptive Selling™ methodologies, and how both Aria and Telstra have benefited.  Our presentation is at 12noon on Wednesday, 19th September.

In the old Strategic Selling™ days, sales were closed based on a 'compelling event' the customer was experiencing. With our Disruptive Selling™ programs, we teach how to CREATE the compelling event, teaching customers better ways of running their businesses.


Willow and I will share both theory and practice - including how to use Disruptive Messaging™ in relation to both Mandatory Data Security Legislation, and also the basic issue of ISDN to SIP migration.

Why should you attend our Vantage presentation?

If you're a customer, you'll learn what to ask your service providers to teach you about improved ways of running your businesses.

If you're from Telstra, you'll hear how we've recently trained Telstra Global Marketing Product Managers in using Disruptive Messaging™ techniques to significantly expand the addressable market for Telstra products and solutions.

If you're a Telstra Partner, you'll see first-hand what other Telstra Partners (your competitors?) are being trained up in to start new buyer journeys from scratch.

Boning up in advance


If you'd like to read one of our research articles describing Disruptive Selling™, just click here.  Indeed click here if you'd like to check out "Willow's Words of Wisdom", which encapsulates and describes a number of disruptive concepts in the Aria Technologies' domain.

Not attending Vantage?

No problem - we have a list of 5 simple questions to determine the degree to which your sales team is ready to embrace Disruptive Selling™ within your organisation.

If you are at Vantage....

Willow and I look forward to seeing you at our session!  Learn why Disruptive Selling™ provides the ultimate customer experience!


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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales Methodology, Disruptive Selling

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