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7 Golden Rules of Sales

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 12-Jan-2017 16:52:47

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You might have heard the analogy about sales (including social selling) being like a cocktail party.

The person at the party people want to talk to is NOT the guy talking about how great he is. Rather, it's the person who's doing active listening - responding to and engaging with what others have to say. 

Sales is the same. Successful salespeople are not those who yammer away at the prospect with a megaphone, talking incessantly about their products and services. Instead, it's the person who listens to the prospect's pain points and challenges, showing understanding by articulating the problem and painting a picture of a solution before ever mentioning their own product. 

In the spirit of this analogy, we've put together these 7 golden rules of sales, which should be just the ticket to guide you through any cocktail party (or social media interaction)...

1. Throw away your corporate Powerpoint presentation

Only present to customers about the customers themselves, their hopes, their problems, their dreams.

2. Don't talk about your product

Only talk about the difference your product can make to the customer's situation.

3. Don't respond to "requests for quotation"

Go talk to customers and find new problems to solve for them.

4. Don't talk about price

Talk about customer value.

5. Don't close the sale

Open the relationship.

6. Don't pay sales commission on receipt of the order or payment

Pay on receipt of a customer signed case study/reference site.

7. Don't do canned product demos

Do customised customer scenarios. 

Over to you

How many of these "golden rules" of sales are you breaking? And do you have any more to add to the list? 

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