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3 ways to involve your Techies in the buyer's journey

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 14-Mar-2019 11:29:25

Screen Shot 2019-03-09 at 6.42.51 pmWhy the 'Techies'?

Our 'Techies' - technical, consulting and customer-facing staff - are more trusted than our Sales people! They're the problem-solvers and solution providers.

Have you ever wondered how you can 'inject' them into your Sales process? Surely, it's even more important to inject them into the buyer's journey?!

We see 3 ways to do this successfully:

1. Instigating new opportunities

We've previously documented how we think buyers buy, and how both Sales and Marketing need to re-align to this new buying journey.

In an era of disruptive technology, we think many customers are blissfully ignorant UNJUSTIFIABLY CALM in relation to how IT is supporting their business objectives. There is a better way of doing things - they're just not aware of this.

Our Techies are!

We need to equip and encourage our Techies to shatter their customers' status quo, telling customers that there's a better way.

techie shatters status quo

2. Overhearing and diagnosing customer pain

Many customers recognise they have a problem, but they're challenged in labeling the problem, and coming up with the right solution.

As our Techies are talking with customers all the time, they might overhear "pain conversations", or indeed they might ask questions designed to uncover previously unknown customer pains.

technie and problem

Here's a simple question Techies can ask all the time - "What else is bugging you?"

3. Supporting competitive selling

As deals become deals, our Sales team needs certain information to assist them to win the deal - i.e. who makes the decision, what's the decision process, why does this customer want this solution, etc, etc.

techies helps compete

Our Techies are best-placed to find this information out in advance, based on their existing relationships.

We'll help you to put the training, processes and communication channels in place to make sure they have the tools and confidence to make that happen whilst working with your clients. And to contribute real revenues by identifying leads and supporting their conversion.

Find out how Carpe Diem clients including Microsoft, Brennan IT, Aria Technologies and Revolution IT have discovered new revenue streams, whilst improving customer relations and retention - with our Sales for Techies™ program.

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