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3 Topics for your Next Sales Kickoff

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 07-Jun-2016 15:22:03

It's that time of year again - doesn't matter how successful you were last FY, you're about to go back to zero again!

Now - we can all stand up and sing the company song - but what are some topics that:

  1. The sales team will find fresh, interesting and motivating
  2. Mastery of which will lead to short term, enhanced sales performance
  3. Give you an advantage over your competitors.

 Here are our suggestions:

1.  Disruptive selling

disruptive_selling.jpgSalespeople, sales managers and CEO's are sick of low win rates, low margins, and lots of competition.
Disruptive selling - one variant of which was popularised in the Challenger™ selling book - involves teaching prospects new insights, making them realise there are better ways of running their businesses.

"Challenger" sales people are by far the MOST successful - "Relationship Builders" are by far the LEAST successful.

This is controversial - our research indicates over 80% of B2B sales resources in Australia and NZ are Relationship Builders!

Put this on your sales kickoff agenda, and you're guaranteed full attention and great debate!

Carpe Diem can help by:

  • Presenting the results of a profiling exercise to show who are Challengers, and who are Relationship Builders
  • Showing how the delivery of "disruptive insights" can give your sales team the advantage, by starting buyers on new buying journeys.

2.  Social selling

social-selling.jpgDON'T get someone to come and teach your sales team how to use LinkedIn.

If they couldn't sell before they used LinkedIn - they certainly won't know how to sell after they've been taught!

Talk instead at your sales kickoff about the 8 sales workflows your sales team needs to master to be successful in selling in a social world.


3.  LinkedIn profile building

linkedin_profile_building.jpgSounds boring doesn't it - but this really is social selling ground zero.

We'll stand in front of your sales team - type one of your solutions and your location into Google - and they will see their competitors LinkedIn profiles come up in the FIRST PAGE of the Google search!

This will be very motivating for them!

We'll then talk to them about their personal brand - and how increasingly their LinkedIn profile will be the first port of call for prospects they are about to call on.

We'll give them a playbook to improve their LinkedIn profiles, so that they will:

  • Attract new prospects (marketing while they sleep)
  • Portray a strong personal brand online

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Topics: Social Selling, Sales Methodology, Disruptive Selling

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