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10 Reasons You Suck at B2B Selling - and How to Improve

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Oct-2016 11:30:54

The world of B2B sales is cut-throat.

Because of the large amounts of capital involved, and the fact it's often "someone else's money" (i.e. the company's, not our own) means that the B2B arena is full of highly competitive sales people who are good at what they do and who are out to win deals at any cost. 

So, for every highly successful B2B salesperson, there are several who simply can't keep up and who fall by the wayside. Or who simply "survive" rather than thrive. 



To help you avoid being one of them, here are 10 reasons your B2B sales technique might be failing...

  1. You talk to your customers about your products and your companies - rather than the outcomes you can create for them.
  2. When a customer asks you for a quote you say "sure - will do" - rather than ask "why?"
  3. You carry out the tasks customers ask of you during the quotation phase - rather than also asking them to take action.
  4. You drop your price in the face of competitive pressure - rather than differentiating and selling the value.
  5. You believe sales success is solely about the relationship - rather than buying your customers dogs (so you can focus on improving their businesses, and the dog can provide the relationship).
  6. You see "social" as being divorced from "sales" - rather than leveraging the opportunity to amplify your communication efforts.
  7. You view Marketing as the enemy - rather than working with them along the buyer's journey.
  8. You believe you're there to give customers information - rather than realising they've already researched online.
  9. You chase "sales quote ambulances" - rather than trying to start new deals from scratch.
  10. You believe that doing quotes and taking orders is "selling" - rather than moving customers along their buying journeys.

As we're frequently pointing out, the face of B2B sales is changing faster than many can keep up. The old way involves making the above10 mistakes. The new way involves listening to what our customers really want, and disrupting their status quo at the right time. This is what leads to becoming a B2B salesperson of the future. 

Which way will you choose to go?

And how many of these 10 "deadly sins" are you guilty of? Share your feedback (and other B2B sales mistakes I might have left out) in the comments section below. 

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