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Buyers Now Buy Differently - Learn How to Conquer the Disruption!

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Sep-2016 18:37:08

As buyers continue to change how they buy, sales people need to keep evolving.

But how - and why?

In short - the salesperson of the future will be the one that adapts his/her selling processes to match the new way in which buyers buy.

There's lots of disrupting influences in the B2B marketplace at the moment - the move to the cloud, social media, globalisation etc. These issues are disrupting commerce - but the accompanying change in how buyers buy in particular is disrupting and making irrelevant the "old ways of selling". 

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Topics: B2B Sales, B2B Buyers, Digital Marketing, Sales, New Marketing, Marketing, Buyers Journey

New Marketing™ - How to Engage Buyers Earlier and Prosper

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Jul-2016 13:43:09

Is your B2B demand generation program a stream of disconnected campaigns, with Marketing organising for a bought/rented list to be called down, given some offer - and then achieve a success rate of around 3%?

What happens to the information you gleaned (if any) from the other 97%?  Perhaps they are willing to buy from you - but just not yet!

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Topics: B2B Sales, B2B Buyers, Sales, Strategy, New Marketing

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