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7 Golden Rules of Sales

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 12-Jan-2017 16:52:47

You might have heard the analogy about sales (including social selling) being like a cocktail party.

The person at the party people want to talk to is NOT the guy talking about how great he is. Rather, it's the person who's doing active listening - responding to and engaging with what others have to say. 

Sales is the same. Successful salespeople are not those who yammer away at the prospect with a megaphone, talking incessantly about their products and services. Instead, it's the person who listens to the prospect's pain points and challenges, showing understanding by articulating the problem and painting a picture of a solution before ever mentioning their own product. 

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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales, Sales Methodology

Our Most Read Blog Posts from 2016

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Jan-2017 13:19:08

2016 was a big year in sales and marketing. In order of popularity, here's a collection of our most-read posts from the last 12 months:

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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales, Disruptive Selling

How to Sell More Without Mentioning Your Products

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 01-Dec-2016 16:17:20

Why talking about your company, products and services won’t get you the sale

OK – hands up – how many of you have proudly invested in your “company presentation”, insisting your sales team includes it at the start of every customer meeting?

Typically, it will go something like, “Here’s how we started – here’s our staff – here’s our locations – here’s our products and services…” and so on. What a great way to bore a customer to death!

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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales, Disruptive Selling

5 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand via Social Media - Part 2

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 17-Nov-2016 15:30:38

In Part 1 of this series on improving your personal brand via social media, we looked at how to know when it's appropriate to share content, and what the right content is.

In Part 2 we're looking at how best to maximise your time to send out the RIGHT content at the RIGHT time.

There's nothing worse for your personal brand than to send irrelevant stuff to people - or even relevant stuff, but at the wrong stage of the buyer journey. 

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Topics: Social Selling

5 Ways to Improve your Personal Brand Value via Social Media

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 04-Nov-2016 11:01:11

What exactly is "personal brand"?

I could give you the (very) long consultant version of the definition of "brand", but the best - and most succinct I've ever heard - is that brand is "promise".

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Topics: Strategy, Social Media

Should Your Employer Fear Your Killer LinkedIn Profile?

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 28-Oct-2016 11:44:03

Can a top salesperson create a personal brand so strong that it's actually a threat to their employer?

Our tips on the best way to write a killer LinkedIn profile are well documented, and in terms of number of downloads is our most successful piece of content ever!

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Topics: Social Selling, Social Media Strategy, Strategy, Social Media, LinkedIn

How to sell in a world of buyers overwhelmed by content

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 20-Oct-2016 15:42:24

Did you know that - with all of our frantic content marketing efforts - we're actually sending our buyers into what's become known as "Content Shock"!

How much content are we actually consuming every day?

I'm reading a wonderful book entitled The Content Code: Six Essential Strategies to Ignite Your Content, Your Marketing and Your Business.

Early on in this book, I learned a lot about how our content consumption habits have changed over the past 100 years or so:

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Topics: Sales, content marketing

10 Reasons You Suck at B2B Selling - and How to Improve

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 06-Oct-2016 11:30:54

The world of B2B sales is cut-throat.

Because of the large amounts of capital involved, and the fact it's often "someone else's money" (i.e. the company's, not our own) means that the B2B arena is full of highly competitive sales people who are good at what they do and who are out to win deals at any cost. 

So, for every highly successful B2B salesperson, there are several who simply can't keep up and who fall by the wayside. Or who simply "survive" rather than thrive. 


To help you avoid being one of them, here are 10 reasons your B2B sales technique might be failing...

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Topics: B2B Sales, Sales, Strategy

How to Align Sales & Marketing with the New Buyer’s Journey

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 29-Sep-2016 14:49:51

When sales teams fall short of target – invariably it’s Marketing’s fault because the leads were no good!

Similarly - when Marketing is queried on why revenue targets have not been achieved, it's Sales' fault for not effectively following up the leads that were provided.

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Topics: Social Selling, B2B Sales, Sales, Strategy

How to Outrank God on Google

Posted by Bruce Rasmussen on 21-Sep-2016 11:45:24

I've had 4 episodes this past week that have made me reflect on the power of content marketing - assuming it is done well.

I want to share them with you and add some commentary - in case they help your thought processes to move forward.  Hopefully the examples will give you some insights and tools to improve the outcomes of your content marketing program.

What this reinforced for me - you can't just "write content", and then hope.  You need a strategy, you need the best tools, and you need the best tactics.

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Topics: B2B Buyer Engagement, B2B Sales, B2B Buyers, Sales, Strategy, Marketing

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